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Welcome to De La Mer Fresh Fish Market!

Step through our door, behind the bubble wall, and have a shopping experience that is unlike any other. At De La Mer you will not only find a wide array of fish and seafood, but also a knowledgeable and friendly staff who will help take the mystery out of your purchase. Not only can we help you with your selection, but we can also give suggestions on recipes, sauces, marinades, and accompaniments that will make any meal perfect. Not to mention… the lemons and dill are always on us!

Our goal is to bring you the highest quality fish and seafood from the best suppliers. We offer organic, naturally raised, sustainably caught and farmed options for your dining pleasure. With our daily deliveries, rigorous quality control, and meticulous handling we ensure you not only get the best product but also the highest standards of freshness and taste.

We also carefully prepare a number of ready to cook items, in house, that are great for those rushed days! Try our variety of stuffed salmons or our delicately flavoured Crab Cakes…

We hope to see you soon at De La Mer Fresh Fish Market.


Blake and Dave, the owners of De La Mer Fresh Fish Market, love nothing more than sharing their passion for food with their friends and customers. Both Blake and Dave are professionally trained cooks and between them have worked in some of the finest establishments in the city, but their enthusiasm for fresh and delicious things started years ago.

Blake’s zeal began around the age of four when he would visit the Ontario Food Terminal with his father, gaining an appreciation for fresh produce and great food.

Dave was initiated into the gastro-gusto beside his mom, baking bread and experimenting in the kitchen from the time he was tall enough to burn himself on the stove. We hope you will come in and share our excitement for fresh food and even share a few “fish tails” while you’re here!

We can help you with…

  • House made prepared foods – making your next meal easy
  • Special order fish or seafood (please order 48 hours in advance to avoid disappointment)
  • Smoked Salmon Platters, Shrimp Rings and other party platters
  • Sauces, marinades and other packaged foods to help you with your next meal
  • Boning and trimming, however you like
  • Remember, if it’s your first time in, let us know and we’ll get you an oyster on us
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